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18th October 2021

Xbox One

Tales Of Arise breaks series records Madden NFL 22 2nd highestselling game of 2021 NPD

Madden NFL 22 and Tales of Arise lead the charge in this month's NPD report, with both games making an impressive dent on an industry that continues to grow year-on-year.First off, though, let's look at the hardware figures – which themselves are quite impressive. As per the report, shared as ever by The NPD Group's Mat Piscatella, hardware was the primary driving factor in September's gaming spend, with a massive 49% increase compared to the same period last year.It looks like we've mostly got the PS5 to thank for that, with Sony's current-gen console beating out the Nintendo Switch in…

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14th October 2021

Xbox One

FIFA 22 Best PreContract and Free Agent Signings Where to find the best free transfers

For a few years in FIFA, pre-contract signings were incredibly overpowered. After just half a season, your mediocre mid-table team could pillage the benches of Europe’s top clubs and stack their squad with players that would usually be far outside of their financial capability for the upcoming year. In FIFA 22 pre-contract signings are much rarer, but can be just as powerful when taking your team to the next level. Read more

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13th October 2021

Xbox One

Undead Labs and ArenaNet founder Jeff Strains new studio hires an abundance of talent

Jeff Strain, the veteran games leader, is the co-founder of Guild Wars' ArenaNet, and later State of Decay's Undead Labs. Strain announced the founding of a new studio today: Possibility Space.Possibility Space is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following the physically distributed model, Possibility Space is a remote working-friendly environment encouraging talent to work for anywhere they want.The studio's mission is to build "joyful games around human experiences" and it's interested in training and mentoring people from underrepresented communities and backgrounds. Read more

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