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GameStop NFT Marketplace Sold Indie Games Without Permission Devs Say

Indie games have reportedly been popping up without the proper permissions on GameStop's new NFT marketplace, and developers are not happy about it.

In a new Ars Technica report, it was alleged that Nathan Ello, who created the NiFTy Arcade collection with indie games like Worm Nom Nom, Galactic Wars, and Rogue Fleet, didn't seek out the original creators' nod for at least two of the games (Worm Nom Nom and Galactic Wars).

Ello said he attempted to only include open-source games approved for commercial use in his NFT collection, but he clearly did not do enough research. Worm Nom Nom's creative commons license is listed on its itch.io page, and its engine, PICO-8, also requires users to get the creator's agreement before any use occurs.

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