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E3: Nier Automata Church Mystery Confirmed To Be A Very Good Mod Not A Secret Hidden Area

The Nier Automata community has been captivated by a mystery for weeks: A Reddit user by the name sadfutago uploaded footage of what they claimed was a secret area and church in Nier Automata. No one had ever seen or discovered the location, leading to the community speculating and debating on what the footage was--ARG, mod, marketing campaign, or actually a secret location on some super-specific version of the game?

Now the answer has been revealed. The Nier Automata secret church location is confirmed to be a really good mod, as announced during a Twitch livestream. According to the video's ending credits, the mod was created by Devolas Revenge, Woeful_Wulf, and RaiderB. According to them, everything shared in the videos released by sadfutago were created completely in-game with no editing.

In the next few days, the trio will release Blender add-ons, scripting tools, and the mod files. There's more to come to, as the announcement ends with, "Keep an eye out for more."

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