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Where To Find Calus In Season Of The Haunteds Sever Missions

Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted is here and brings back a fan-favorite villain players haven't heard from in a bit: Emperor Calus. While his Leviathan ship is back in the system now and absolutely filled with ghosts, they aren't the only ones doing some haunting this season.

Calus himself can be heard all over the now-Derelict Leviathan ship, especially in patrols and public events like Nightmare Containment, where he'll offer a glimpse into his motivations and wants. However, while we've yet to see Calus in the flesh this season, we have seen his visage in some of the Leviathan's darkest corners.

According to the Season of the Haunted Seal, players should expect to bump into an automaton of Calus six times over the course of this season's weekly mission, Sever. Listening to all six messages from Calus will reward players with the Hear, Don't Heed triumph, which they will need to finish the Seal and unlock the Reaper title.

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