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Retro Shooter Jim Power Returns in PS4 Collection

Includes long-lost SEGA Genesis version.

These retro compilations that keep coming out are not only getting cooler – they’re also getting more obscure. Take the 1993 shooter Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D, which didn’t even deploy in Europe. The game’s getting ported to the PS4 – but even better, it’ll come bundled with a long-lost SEGA Genesis version which never actually saw the light of day until last year. And, if all of that wasn’t enough, developer PIKO Interactive has created a brand-new, bespoke NES version, which it’ll throw in as well.

The press release explains: “The evil alien Vaprak is threatening to destroy the earth, which is the last planet that stands between it and the entry to the 5th dimension. If Vaprak succeeds, his species will flood the galaxy and all will be lost. It is up to Jim Power to infiltrate and slay the evil. Originally released in the ‘90s Jim Power was hailed for its outstanding graphics and challenging gameplay. Now Jim is back and ready to do it all over again.”

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