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More Than Half of PlayStations Investment Could Be in Live Service Games by 2025

Follow the money.

Sony really isn’t kidding around with this live service strategy it’s been blathering about. As part of an investor relations presentation, the organisation estimated that more than half of its investment into PS5 could be live service by 2025, as it looks to capture growth in the lucrative sector. For those not clued up with the lingo, live service means titles like Fortnite, which adapt and change over time.

The platform holder spent a large chunk of the briefing defending its position, showing a dizzying amount of data which backs up its direction. Notably, it pointed out how an enormous chunk of its revenue now comes from add-on sales in live service games, with free-to-play revenue alone up from 5 per cent of PS Store’s total spend in 2016 to 25 per cent in 2021.

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