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First PS1 on PS5 PS4 Analysis Drops And There Are Highs and Lows

Overall, it could be better.

It’s been a few days since the new tiers of PS Plus launched in parts of Asia, and that means gamers have had their hands on some of the retro titles included within the list of All PS Plus Games. Sony is selling its PS Plus Premium tier on the strength of its classic games catalogue – although it does offer a selection of other perks, including cloud streaming and game trials.

How are the retro games looking, then? Well, firstly, there’s been some confusion over the PS2 games it seems. These are not strictly “new” releases, but are instead games that were already ported to the PS4 a few years ago. Sony added Trophies to these titles, but the well quickly dried of new releases. As far as we can tell, these haven’t been touched.

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