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Around 20 of Sonys Output Could Be Mobile by 2025

As company looks beyond console.

Sony is not just bringing its games to PC but also to mobile, as it looks to extend the PlayStation experience beyond the boundaries of its traditional console walled garden. As part of an investor relations briefing, it revealed plans for roughly 20 per cent of its software output to be mobile by 2025 – a significant figure. It’s important to note that this is represented as a percentage of releases, and does not necessarily represent a decline in traditional console games as a consequence.

Nevertheless, this is an initiative that the platform holder has been talking about for some time, but outside of WipEout Merge, we’re yet to really see much activity. The company elaborated a little more on its plans, however, announcing plans to partner with “successful mobile developers” in order to “extend our franchises more players and regions” while still remaining “faithful to the values of PlayStation Studios”.

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