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WWE 2K22 Adds The Almighty Bobby Lashley To Its Roster

2K Games' upcoming WWE 2K22 has revealed its next superstar, former WWE champion Bobby Lashley. Currently going under the moniker of "The Almighty" when he appears on RAW, Lashley will join other superstars such as Rey Mysterio--who's on the cover of WWE 2K22--Edge, and several members of WCW's New World Order.

As for how Lashley stacks up when compared to the other superstars in the game's roster? 2K Games has him rated at an impressive 91, which puts him just a single point beneath Hollywood Hulk Hogan, brother.

In a tweet promoting his appearance in WWE 2K22, Lashley explained how he originally believed that he'd have a power level of over a thousand, which in Dragon Ball Z scaling would technically make him weaker than Raditz when he fought Goku. We don't make the rules around here.

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