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Elden Ring Closed Beta Test Announced Register Now to Play in November

"Selected players" can play early.

Elden Ring was looking to be a very early 2022 hit on PlayStation 5 and PS4, but now, it'll be a slightly less early hit. A small delay sees the anticipated FromSoftware RPG release about a month later than the planned January launch. However, publisher Bandai Namco has paired this bad news with some good news. Elden Ring is getting a closed network test, and it's happening very soon indeed.

Yes, the next FromSoft adventure is getting a closed beta, playable on both PS5 and PS4, and it's all happening in November of this year. In a press release, Bamco goes over the details. A select group of participants will be able to play a portion of the action RPG between 12th and 15th November.

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