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Kena Bridge Of Spirits Corrupt Woodsmith Boss Guide How To Beat Adira

Similar to Corrupt Taro, Corrupt Woodsmith is a test of the abilities and strategies you've developed up to this point in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. In Taro's case, that mostly has to do with the Spirit Bow, as most of the ways to weaken him and make the fight easier are related to sniping parts of his body. Similarly, Woodsmith is all about your recently acquired Spirit Bombs--this fight requires you to regularly use Kena's bomb abilities, so having a good grasp of how they work is vital for overcoming this fight.

In the following guide, we go over how to best handle the Woodsmith and her fiery attacks. More so than the Taro boss fight, this battle will test you on your ability to keep track of your surroundings. Always keep in mind where the Woodsmith is, as well as where the two healing flowers are in relation to you. Turning your back on the Woodsmith to run away and heal can result in some easily avoidable deaths--this boss behaves differently depending on how far away you are from her and turning your back to run away means you'll have a hard time responding to her long-range attacks. Keep your eyes on Woodsmith so you can keep track of her tells.

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