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Iron Banter This Week In Destiny 2 Scienceing The Trials Of Osiris And Uncovering Ascendant Mysteries

Just about every week brings something new to Destiny 2, whether it's story beats, new activities, or interesting new combinations of elements that let players devastate each other in the Crucible. Iron Banter is our weekly look at what's going on in the world of Destiny and a rundown of what's drawing our attention across the solar system.

Bungie rolled out even more Trials of Osiris changes this week, and while I know we've been talking about this a lot, the alterations to the mode continue to sound really excellent. I've spent a little time in the mode again this weekend and remain excited for the adjustments, which is a really nice feeling to have after spending the last year getting amped to try a Trials run and then getting demoralized over the course of a couple hours and some rough losses.

Trials isn't the only thing going on this week, though. The Shattered Realm has quickly become one of my favorite things in Destiny 2 right now, and the last couple iterations of the mode have done some really cool things with story. Here we go.

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