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E3: Hands On Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy Is Mass Effect in Comic Book Clothing

Kree whiz.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t just wear its Mass Effect influences on its sleeve: it prances them about like Chris Pratt in the opening exchanges of the franchise’s first movie. The similarities to BioWare’s space-faring soap opera are so plentiful that they’re almost impossible to ignore, but following the success of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it should have publisher Square Enix greasing its palms.

With the release – originally announced at E3 2021 – less than a month away, we were invited to play over an hour of the title, picking up the story at the start of chapter five. Our demo begins in the Milano, where the eponymous Guardians are trying to contact Ko-Rel at a Nova Corps outpost named The Rock. It turns out the intergalactic quintet have a debt to settle, and differing opinions on what to do about it.

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