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Hands On CoOp Puzzle Adventure It Takes Two Offers Outrageous Variety

Toy story.

After the grounded reality of his co-op prison break game A Way Out, film director and game designer Josef Fares is returning to the bright fantasy of his studio’s debut game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It Takes Two follows May and Cody, soon-to-be divorcees who find themselves enchanted into dolls by their daughter. The distraught little girl cries onto two parent-shaped effigies in a desperate attempt to keep them together. Reluctantly sent on a quest to fix their relationship by an anthropomorphic book of love called Dr. Hakim (played in the motion capture studio by Fares himself), they’ll have to work together to survive and return to normal.

Fares has pitched the game as a romantic comedy that owes as much to Nintendo as it does to Pixar. Those influences are plain to see from the outset, with a bickering couple sent on a fantastical quest for a very human reason. The writing makes an odd but engaging pairing with floaty platforming and environmental puzzles. Its vibrant art style is bolstered by charming voice acting and a beautiful score.

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