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Gamescom: WiLD Developer Is Busy Hiring New Talent

Never give up.

Ah, WiLD. We still remember when the PS4 title was first announced at... Er... Gamescom 2014?! Yep, it really was that long ago. Over six years later and we still haven't seen more than a few minutes of gameplay, even after the project managed to make a brief return in 2017. Since then, we've only heard the odd whisper here and there. Most recently (September 2020), departed director Michel Ancel stated that WiLD was still in development.

We don't actually know what's going on with WiLD at this point, but there are signs that things might still be ticking along behind the scenes. As spotted on Reddit, Wild Sheep Studios — the team behind WiLD — is in the process of hiring new employees. A brand new post on Linkedin shows that the developer is now looking for a senior gameplay programmer.

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